Mineral Blocks Healthy for Cattle

Are Mineral Blocks Healthy for Cattle ?

It can be quite difficult to make sure that your cattle have a balanced and nutrition-rich diet once you allow them to forage throughout a large pasture. However, it is crucial that they get the essential nutrients. So, how can you ensure that your cattle get the required nutrients in the right quantity? Mineral blocks can be very effective to make sure your cattle have the proper nutrition. Read on to learn more about cattle mineral licks and their advantages.

What are Mineral Blocks?

Cattle mineral blocks are big tubs of solid feed that contains many vital nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, copper, cobalt, potassium, iodine, zinc, vitamins, and more. Tasty treats such as molasses are often added to these blocks to make them appetizing enough to attract cattle and entice them to lick and nibble on the blocks. These tubs are quite dense, which prevents the cattle from overindulging. This way, you can make sure that minerals are available to the cattle in the right quantity while avoiding an overdose.

Benefits of Mineral Block for Cattle

Mineral salt blocks hold multiple benefits for your animals. Let us take a look at some of them here.
  1. Better Nutrition and Health
    Cattle mineral licks are made of different nutritional blends which helps to meet the varied needs of cattle according to the breed, ages, genders, or health issues. You can choose different blocks as per the unique requirements of the animals to ensure that they are healthy. This also helps you to meet their changing nutritional needs.
  2. Compact Size
    Different sizes of mineral blocks are available for cattle, allowing you to offer just the right amount of mineral supplements your animals need. In addition to this, their compact and dense design makes it easy for you to store these tubs without occupying too much space.
  3. Bone Strength
    Just like humans need calcium to keep their bones healthy, cattle also require specific nutrients. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your cattle have strong bones. These supplement blocks can help them develop a healthy skeletal system.
  4. Disease Prevention
    Mineral tubs for cattle contain nutrients such as manganese, zinc, and copper that can help strengthen their ability to fight off any diseases, thus boosting their immune system and body mass.
  5. Availability of Minerals and Vitamins
    Feeding your cattle mineral blocks ensures that they get the much-required nutrients readily and in the right quantity. They are just the nutrition provider that can give your cattle a good health boost. Your cattle can develop healthy appetites and strong inner systems. In addition to this, they also help to harden your cattle’s hooves, maintain your animals’ hormone and sugar levels, and prevent them from exhibiting stressful behaviour.

Bottom Line

The modern world and its discoveries till this day have improved the lives of all beings, including the animals. Mineral block for cattle is one such invention that has contributed to better health and immunity of animals, thus making your job of keeping them disease-free easy and affordable.

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