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  Salt is the quintessential element of this universe. Salt is not only essential for our body but also crucial for many industries. Salt is nothing but sodium chloride (NaCl) in chemical composition. Other than edible salt being used for domestic purposes, salt is used in the manufacturing processes of thousands of commodities. The water softener salt is used in water softening systems. Let us see some of the general uses of salt here-
  1. Food grade table salt or the food grade iodized salt is used to enhance the food flavor & Taste
  2. The pure salt or Triple Refined salt is used as a cooking salt. It is also used for health and beauty purposes.
  3. The free flow iodized salt is used for the balance of electrolytes in our body.
  4. Industrial salt is used in the manufacturing processes of plastics, paper pulp, textiles, and dye industry & many other large Industries
  5. Food grade refined salt is used in the pharmaceutical industry as well.
  6. Deicing salt or the deicing sea salt is used for de-icing snow.  
  7. Hard water is treated with the water softening salt.
  8. Animal feeds are mixed with Refined salt to supplement the diet of the cattle.
  9. The PVD salt (Pure Vacuum Dried) is used for flavor enhancement and preservation in food processing units with lowest Moisture and High Purity

Concord Overseas Manufactures the Best-Quality Refined Cooking Salt

  At Concord Overseas, care is taken to see that the salt production matches stringent quality tests. We are the leading salt manufacturers and we offer the triple refined iodized salt that is a benchmark of our superior quality salts. We offer premium quality sea salt. This is then processed and optimized to get refined cooking salt that can be used for human consumption.  

Concord Overseas Deals with Various Cooking Salt, Industrial Salt and Raw Salt

  Concord Overseas deals with the import and export of these salts:
  • Free flow iodized salt
  • Refined salt (iodized salt)
  • Refined salt
  • Pool salt
  • Refined industrial salt
  • Raw salt
  • Sea salt
  • Oversize salt
  • Triple refined iodized salt
  • PVD iodized salt
Concord overseas covers a broader geographic footprint and delivers salt to various countries like the Middle East, Asian countries, Gulf, Canada, Europe, UK, Africa (East & West) and many more.

Concord Overseas Offers Premium Food Grade Refined Salt

  Concord Overseas ensures that its customers get the best food grade iodised salt. The manufactured refined salt undergoes various stages of testing for quality and other parameters before it is packed. We have an excellent infrastructure at Concord Overseas with a state-of-the-art facility to ensure that the salt is packed and shipped in good condition. Our clients are delighted with our service in the delivery of top-grade iodized table salt. We keep the rates affordable and supply iodized salt or non iodized salt as per the client specification. We undertake bulk order supplies with products meeting the client standards. Concord Overseas remains committed to serving the best edible salt and the clients have always been more than happy with our services. We look forward to a long association with our esteemed clients.  
Salt/Mineral Licks & Blocks

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Best Salt Mineral Blocks Manufacturer

Just like how salts and minerals are needed by the human body, the same is with animals like cows, deer, horses, camels, Goats or sheep. While in a natural habitat, the animals go grazing for natural salt mineral licks. The mineral salt lick is a naturally occurring deposit of salts and minerals. The animals go and lick essential mineral nutrients from these deposits. But it is not possible when they are domesticated. Hence, it becomes necessary that farmers provide their cattle with Natural Trace mineral salt to make Animal Healthy & for enhancement of Milk Production of Diary Cows.

What Are the Benefits of Salt Mineral Licks for Animals?

Farmers have always known that their animals need salt, just like how we humans do. It plays an essential role in the balance of electrolytes in their body. There are many benefits of mineral salt block or the salt licking block for animals:

  • The Natural mineral block is used in the husbandry of livestock. The salt block for deer is an excellent way for herd management. The mineral blocks for deer are an incredible source of supplement feed that is cost-effective and helps you to keep tabs on the deer herd.
  • The animals supplement their diet with essential nutrients and Trace minerals. The salt blocks for cattle provide them with a wholesome nutrition with the combination of Salt, Vitamins & Trace Minerals.
  • During digestion, it counter-effects secondary compounds of arsenal that may be found in plants and grass that they eat.

Concord Overseas Manufactures the Mineral Blocks for Cattle

Concord Overseas is one of the best salt mineral block manufacturers that have over a decade of expertise in import and export of various mineral salt blocks. From the copper salt lick to the cobalt mineral lick, they are the best mineral block manufacturer.  Concord Overseas offers a wide range of mineral salt licks in the affordable range. So you can easily order online any of the salt blocks for cows, salt block for deer, salt and mineral block for horses, mineral block for budgies, sheep mineral blocks or the camel mineral blocks. Concord Overseas ensures that the best animal salt block reaches your cattle.

What Are the Mineral Salt Types Available in Concord Overseas?

Concord Overseas, the best salt lick manufacturer, offers salt mineral in Three forms:

  • The salt mineral block form
  • Premix mineral supplement & Mineral Mixture in powder form
  • Vitamin Salt Blocks & Licks

It exports these products to worldwide. It manufactures the best salt lick blocks that give animals the nutrition they need for balance, vitality, and longer life.

Concord Overseas Provides for High-Quality Salt Licks

Considered as one of the best mineral block manufacturers, Concord Overseas offers products that are affordable, easy to be placed, and are chemical free. They contain natural electrolytes for balance, which encourages for a healthy diet for animals. With them, you are assured that your animal herd is healthy. With minerals becoming scarce in the natural environment, you can believe in Concord Overseas, the best salt lick manufacturer, to provide you with high-quality salt lick blocks that promote better growth of the cattle. They manufacture the best and safe mineral licks that will keep you positively assured that your farm animals are adequately nourished and well-looked after with essential nutrients.

With Concord Overseas mineral salt blocks, your farm animals are always healthier and happier.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mineral Blocks

What are the General Benefits of Mineral Blocks?

High-quality mineral blocks for cattle provide them with wholesome nutrition and enhance their overall health. Also, during digestion, they counter-effect secondary compounds of arsenal found in grass and plants and grass they consume.

Why Should I Use Mineral Blocks for My Cattle?

Animals such as goats, cows, horses, sheep, camels, deer, and more need salt in their body, just like humans. In the case of domesticated animals, there are high chances of them not receiving an adequate amount of salt or nutrition. This is why farmers use mineral blocks and salt licks to ensure they are healthy.

Are Salt Mineral Licks Harmful to Animals?

The answer is no. Salt mineral licks and mineral blocks contain essential nutrients that can help improve your animals’ health. They typically have vitamins, salt, and trace minerals. You can offer a certain amount of salt licks and mineral blocks to them, depending on their health and food intake.

What is Unique about Mineral Salt for Deer?

The salt block for deer is an excellent source of nutrients for them and helps in herd management. They are cost-effective, a great source of supplement, and can help you improve the overall health of your deer herd.

What Mineral Blocks and Salt Mineral Licks Do You Provide?

Concord Overseas manufactures the best salt lick blocks to ensure animals get the nutrition they need for vitality and longer life. We provide salt mineral in 3 different forms, including salt mineral blocks, premix mineral supplement, and mineral mixture in the powder form. We also have vitamin salt blocks and licks.

Where Can I Get Quality Salt Licks & Mineral Blocks for Cattle?

If you need top-quality mineral blocks for cattle, you must buy them from a reputable source like Concord Overseas. As one of the best mineral block manufacturers, we provide chemical-free and affordable mineral blocks for cattle, salt mineral licks, mineral salt for deer, and more to promote better growth.

Salt Tablets

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Concord Overseas – The Best Salt Tablet Manufacturer

Refined salt tablets or NaCl, are used for a variety of purposes besides consumption. Sodium chloride tablets have a longer shelf life because they take time to dissolve when compared to powdered salt. This is why they are used for industrial applications as well. In addition to these products, we also manufacture a wide range of top-quality water softening salt tablets that are used by hotels, hospitals, and for industrial usage.

What is a salt tablet used for?

Common Uses of Salt Tablets

Our high-quality NaCl tablets are free of impurities or artificial additives and contain a low amount of water-insoluble.

  • Water softening salt tablets are often used in water purifiers and swimming pools.
  • They are widely used in pharmaceutical industries.
  • Industrial salt tablets are utilized in manufacturing processes of paper pulp, textile, chemical dyeing, and more.
  • High purity NaCl tablets are used by schools, hospitals, and hotels.
  • Large water tank storage facilities use Eco pure products to reduce high TDS and convert hard water into soft.
  • Food processing industries use refined salt tablets to ensure that the water is fit for the processing purpose.

We Offer a Variety of NaCl Tablets

At Concord Overseas, we manufacture and supply all types of salt tablets, including the following main products:

  • Pure salt tablets
  • Refined salt tablets
  • High purity NaCl tablets
  • Water softening salt tablets

Product Specification

  • Crystal white appearance
  • 96% whiteness index
  • 0.022% Calcium (Ca)
  • 0.021% Magnesium (Mg)
  • 0.019% Sulphate (SO4)
  • 99.50++% Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
  • 0.152% Moisture
  • 0.018% Water Insoluble

Why Choose Concord Overseas?

Concord Overseas is a diversified and leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality sodium chloride tablets. You will have the following advantages when dealing with us:

  • Global supply of industrial grade and edible high purity tablets at a fair price with ISO International Certification
  • Best packaging of products that meet international standards
  • ISO certification to ensure that we adhere to the required rules and regulations in our facility
  • Hi-tech automatic setup of salt tablet production with a minimum capacity of 1500 metric tons monthly production to meet customer requirements
  • Top-quality processors to ensure that the production of products is of the desired quality
  • Production of salt tablets with the required specifications
  • Customer satisfaction with value-added services
  • Prompt communication and timely settlement of accounts
  • Transparency in all transactions and sales follow-up to ensure our clients get the desired products

Domestic Trading, Import & Export of Salt Tablets

Innovation and quality are the driving principles behind the success of Concord Overseas. We have been serving clients all over the world since 2007. We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable experts to manage all the production activities. We use high-tech production practices to manufacture pure salt tablets to ensure freshness and longevity of the products. In addition to this, we have garnered a reputation for being a dynamic and reliable partner with our clients. We also have the resources to supply products according to the specific requirements of our clients. We offer professional services spanning across a variety of industries. We are a reputable global venture with moral responsibility forming an essential part of our responsibilities. We specialize in export to various countries, including the Middle East, Far East, Gulf, Europe, Canada, UK, Africa, and Asian regions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Salt Tablets

What Types of Salt Tablets are Generally Available?

Also known as sodium chloride tablets, or NaCl tablets, salt tablets are available in a wide range of varieties such as water softening salt tablets, industrial salt tablets, and more, depending on their uses and applications.

What are the Benefits of Salt Tablets?

NaCl tablets have many advantages based on their individual applications. Water softening salt tablets are beneficial for swimming pools and water purifiers. Industrial salt tablets are widely used in pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing processes of textile, paper pulp, chemical dyeing, hotels, food processing utilities, and more. Water tank storage facilities use Eco pure ones to reduce high TDS content.

Where Can I Get High-Quality Sodium Chloride Tablets?

If you are looking to buy salt tablets that are made of top-quality components and are durable, be sure to deal with a reputable source such as Concord Overseas. We manufacture high-grade products using the best raw materials.

What Types of Salt Tablets Do You Have?

At Concord Overseas, we produce many types of NaCl tablets to meet the varied needs of our customers. Our products include the likes of water softening tablets, refined salt tablets, high purity salt tablets, industrial salt tablets, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality items to our customers, which is why we use the best ingredients to manufacture them.

What Do Your Salt Tablets Typically Contain?

Our sodium chloride tablets have a crystal white appearance. They are typically made of Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Sulphate (SO4), Sodium Chloride (NaCl), moisture, and water-soluble elements.

Why Should I Buy Salt Tablets Manufactured by Concord Overseas?

We are an ISO certified company, producing industrial grade and edible high purity tablets that are fairly priced. Using high-grade processors, we manufacture salt tablets with the required specifications. We take measures to ensure the packaging of products meets international standards.